Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yes, Yes, I Will Go to the Doctor

This post is really hard for me to write.

In December of 1986, I noticed that two of my lymph nodes on my neck were swollen and painful. I figured it was because I was getting over a bug of some sort. The swelling did not go down so I went to the doctor in January of 1987. I was put on one round of antibiotics, which did not work, then another different and stronger round of antibiotics. Neither medication worked, so my doctor referred me to an ENT for a biopsy. The moment my doctor uttered the word biopsy, I knew I had cancer.

My biopsy was scheduled for February 3, 1987, an outpatient, same-day surgery deal. Two days later I received a phone call asking me to come into the ENT's office for my diagnosis. Hodgkins Disease. So much went through my mind in those early days of my diagnosis. 1987 was a year of lab tests, surgeries, more lab tests, and daily radiation therapy sessions. I came out of it and have been cancer free since.

At least I think I have been cancer free. Fast forward to now. For about the past two months, I have noticed that two of my lymph glands on my neck have been swollen. Again, I had a cold or a bug and thought that they would eventually go down. They are getting bigger and starting to hurt. I am calling my doctor's office today to make an appointment. I fear the worst, I really do. If it is a recurrence, I know I can get through the chemotherapy (they will not do radiation again), but I am still scared.

At any rate, 22 years cancer free was one hell of a run. I really wish I could think positively about this. I can't right now.


Nikki said...

Oh, no. Whatever it is, you're right to get your ass to the doctor ASAP. Hang in there, sweetie. You've got a LOT of people pulling for you.

Jeff said...

I'm really shaken,you're stronger than most people including me.You'll get through this I'm sure you will.:hug:


Tall Drink of Water said...

Oh, I am not going down without an epic fight. Hoping they find nothing. But will fight if there is something there.