Sunday, November 29, 2009

Second Thanksgiving

For the past few years, we have had what I like to call Second Thanksgiving. We go to either my sister in law, or my parents in law's house for actual Thanksgiving, and then a day or two later we have our own really small Thanksgiving feast for just the three of us. We love turkey leftovers, and really enjoy cooking our own turkey with dressing, potatoes, string beans, gravy, and pumpkin pie. We then get to make our own turkey stock, and have all the yummy leftovers. It is a win-win situation.

Yesterday was Second Thanksgiving 2009. M and I kind of fought over who was doing the cooking, but it all worked out. M chopped up the vegetables and giblets for the stuffing/dressing. I prepared the string beans for steaming, and sauteed the sliced almonds. M had to run to the store to get a few things, so I stuffed the bird and put it in the oven. Then I peeled the potatoes, put them in the pot to be cooked, etc. I pretty much did most of the cooking (grin) and although we kept the bird in about 1/2 hour too long, everything turned out nicely. We served dinner with sparkling apple cider (or as we like to call it - tickle juice) and served a Sara Lee pumpkin pie.

All in all it was a fairly relaxing day, there was no pressure to have dinner done at a certain time, we were able to take our time with it all. I like it when things are quiet and calm.

I know this is probably not my best writing, but I am posting it anyway.

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