Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Morning

There is nothing quite like the sheer luxury of being able to shut the alarm clock off and go back to sleep. Ahhhh, it is a most delicious indulgence. As with most weekends, when K does not have a sport to participate in, we kind of fly by the seats of our pants, and try to be as unplanned as possible. The only thing we have going on today is the Home Depot Kid's Workshop. I wonder what the project is today?

I would go make a cup of coffee (I am the only one who drinks it) but I am out of Splenda and I don't want to add all the calories of regular sugar. May need an Albertson's run at some point today, or perhaps Ralphs since Ralphs is in the same 'town center' as Home Despot. This is Irvine. Strip malls are called 'town centers'. And the 'town centers' have urban sprawl. There are aspects of 'master planned' Irvine that do not seem to be planned out very well. And all of that can be for another post. Because I could write for days about it.

More about the Plumeria thing, One of my friends has the very same Plumeria in her yard, and when it goes dormant she is going to give me a cutting so I can have my very own. I am very excited! Now we just need to borrow a chain saw, I want to plant my Plumeria in the permanent planter out front that has two overgrown generic looking shrubs.

M drove to work yesterday, instead of taking the train, so we were able to eat a quick dinner and go to Disneyland last night. It was weird. Parts of Disneyland were completely dead and other parts were overcrowded. We were going to try to go on Pirates of the Caribbean and there were way too many people in line. But yet we were able to get right on the Matterhorn, and only had a little wait for the Haunted Mansion. We ended the night on the Jungle Cruise and the boat captain was hilarious. On the tram ride back to the parking area, the guy with the PA was really silly as well. Best tram ride ever!

I was talking with one of my friends yesterday, after all the gunman drama and school lockdown excitement here on Thursday, and I told her that I really wanted a cigarette when all this crap was going down. I quit smoking over 19 years ago, and it was kind of scary just how quickly those crazy thoughts come back up. After speaking to a friend of mine who lives in the apartment complex that they found the dead gunman in, she indicated that he had been served eviction papers by the OC Sheriff's Department, and told them he would be right out, shut his door and shot himself. So really, there was no need for the IPD, S.W.A.T. and the OC Sheriff's Department to go to all this drama. They did not even try to enter the apartment for like 5 hours after the shots were fired. Can anyone say Overkill?

I apologize for the rather randomness of this post, my brain is bouncing around like a Mexican Jumping Bean today. I am beginning to think that I need to be on Ritalin because my focus is so out of whack.

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