Monday, April 14, 2008

But It Is a Dry Heat

If I ever hear the phrase in my title for today's post again... I may have to hurt something. As far as I am concerned, anything over 85 degrees Fahrenheit is dang hot. Seriously. Especially in mid-April.

Saturday the high temperature here was 97, and yesterday's high was 102. Not good, not good at all. We did not turn on the air conditioning yet, since the temperature was only 84 today and the forecast for tomorrow is 68. At night I have been opening the patio door and had the fan on full blast. Thankfully the temperature at night is much more livable. Unlike last summer when we had unusually high humidity. That is the ONLY good thing about dry heat, at night because the humidity is not there to hold the heat, the temperature goes down to the high 50s.

It is hard to beat the heat when it is 100 degrees.