Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Doctor Stuff Today

In addition to the swollen glands, I am also experiencing pain and loosening in my artificial hip, it feels like it has been loosening for about a year, but the pain is becoming more intense. So I am going to see an orthopaedic specialist today. I am sure I will be sent through the whole x-ray, MRI, Nuclear Medicine Scan thing before they will decide what is wrong with me.

Thankfully, yesterday I met some friends for a light lunch and coffee, after I had scheduled all the stuff that needed to be scheduled. They helped me take my mind off of it for a little while. They all know what is going on, but we were able to talk and laugh. It really helped my attitude a lot.

Because it is Veteran's Day, both M and K are off, so we may do something fun before I have to go to the orthopod.

I am prepared for the worst and hoping for the best today. All I know is it has been awhile since I have felt like myself.

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