Thursday, November 5, 2009

Did Not Need the Drama Today

Today, seven schools in our vicinity were put on lockdown because apparently there was a gunman on the loose this afternoon. Of course K's school was one of the schools locked down. I did not hear about it all until right before I left to pick K up. My friend C called me to tell me she would be late getting A from school because she was at Irvine High, picking up her other kids, and could I watch A until she got there. "Sure," I said, "What is going on?" Then she told me that all the schools in Northwood were on lockdown.

This was after I first heard about the Fort Hood shootings today. To say that I am emotional about this all is quite an understatement. I have already given K about 10 extra hugs today, and have been less stern with her, regarding her homework. I also allowed her a short playdate with P and L this afternoon. Life is too short to bash her to death with homework.

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