Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Day, Another Doctor Appointment

Today I am seeing the orthopaedic surgeon to follow up on my bone scan from last week. I am convinced the pain in my hip is making me walk funny and the walking funny is why I cannot seem to get ahead of these muscle spasms in my back. Setting up the "home theatre" system yesterday probably did not help my back a whole lot, since I was bending, stooping, crawling around and sitting funny almost all day long. I am glad to have it all set up though.

Still no news about my biopsy. I will be calling Dr. H. (my PCP) later today if he does not call me first. I am thinking that no news may indeed be good news on that front. I want to believe that if a malignancy were present, they would move heaven and earth to get me the diagnosis so I could start treatment right away. I am perhaps delusional about that, who knows?

I am really trying to be calm and peaceful. I think I have mostly made peace with the idea of the cancer having possibly returned. I have an idea of what I will do in that case. I could not stand my hair any more, so I trimmed it up myself. Looks fairly good for an amateur, do-it-yourself job! I am certain that the next time I actually go to the salon for a cut, I will get screamed at about it, but hey, no big deal - hair grows back.

The forecast high temperature for Thanksgiving is 80° F. I am still not used to that. Not sure if I will ever get used to that.

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