Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Sound and the Fury

About a half hour ago, I got a phone call from my primary care physician's office. Apparently the imaging center told them that the had no record of my ultrasound and needle biopsy. NO RECORD??? WTF??????????

Furious does not even BEGIN to describe my emotions about that. Seriously, WTF!!!

I am not sure if the imaging center outsources stuff or not, but there need to be better checks and balances in place so they do not LOSE important patient records. Especially biopsies. Contrary to what anyone might say, I did not get this biopsy done out of an enjoyment of being poked with needles. I got it done because I have a SERIOUS HEALTH CONCERN.

OMG my phone is ringing, it is my PCP's office again. Be right back.

OK, I am back. It was my physician. It is good news. There are no malignancies in the samples they took. No Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, no Hodgkins Lymphoma. It is clean. The gland is still large, but if it does not grow any more, we are leaving it alone.

I am still angry about the radiology clinic misplacing my records. And now I am crying streaming tears of relief. Can I opt off this roller coaster now?

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