Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pain is Still There

I probably overdid things yesterday, setting me up for more pain today. Oh well, I did not want to miss the stuff of yesterday though.

At church, the candidate for associate pastor preached yesterday. Her name is Elizabeth Griswold and she is coming to IUCC mainly to minister to young families with children. Her message was thought provoking, and fulfilling. We as a congregation voted unanimously to call her to be our associate pastor. Welcome Rev. Griswold!

After the congregational meeting there was an all church potluck luncheon. I enjoyed the food and the fellowship. Toward the end, I felt my back seizing up so we went home and I got horizontal. I watched the Vikings game that I had TiVo'd because I knew I would miss it otherwise.

Around 4:00 we left to go to the Bud Kuhl Wood Bat Classic at Angel Stadium. The baseball was free, the parking was free, the food was $10 a plate, with $5 going to United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County. The teams playing were amateurs in an Over 35 league. It was fun to watch them play because they truly enjoy playing the game. No free agency, no high salaries, no arbitration, just the sheer love of baseball. We had to leave at the bottom of the 6th inning because it was getting close to 8:00 and K had to get up for school today. Both teams had a half inning in the field that looked like the Keystone Kops. And of course since these were men ranging in age from late 30s to mid 60s, they were at times, a bit slow moving out there. But it was still fun to watch them. K got a foul ball too, which she was really excited about. All in all, it was a good time.

Today, though, I pay. I have been through these back spasms before, and it feels like I may be coming to the end of this particular episode of it. At least I hope so!

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