Friday, November 30, 2007

What IS that Wet Stuff Coming Out of the Sky?

It is raining here today. And when I say rain, I do not mean the paltry, only get the road a little damp, type rain that most southern Californians are used to. I mean rain, real rain, like significant amounts of water is falling from the sky.

The ABC weather forecaster last night said that we were likely to only get about 1/10 of an inch of rain today. I sure wish I had a rain gauge because I believe we have had at least 1/2 inch since 7 AM. It is now almost 1:30 PM.

It has been raining constantly since early this morning. I am so happy to see it, because finally all the ash is getting washed out of the air and off the leaves. Only thing is, our storm sewers do not seem to be handling the amount of precipitation well, because there are veritable creeks forming right next to the curb and they threaten to flood over into the street. I hope that there are no mudslides as a result. Thankfully I do not live in the hills so I don't have to worry so much about mudslides, but I know some people that do.

This would be good sleeping weather.

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