Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lemon AID

One of our friends in the neighborhood organized a Lemonade stand to raise funds for the Santiago Fire Relief fund. It was done in coordination with Team Kids, the Irvine PTA and Families Forward. We baked some chocolate chip cookies and brought them and helped with the sales this afternoon.

It was a gloomy day, kind of chilly (for California - for me, chilly just does not happen when it is over 60 degrees Fahrenheit). All in all, the children had a great time. We sold a lot of cookies and lemonade. Many people just gave donations and did not want the refreshments. My daughter's Kindergarten teacher came by and donated some money, and enjoyed a cookie. Our goal was to raise $200. My friend is counting the money and will email us the final take. I do know that we were close to the $200 toward the end.

In addition to the Halloween candy, we now have left over chocolate chip cookies. I am never going to lose this 15 pounds!

In other news, my Vikings did terrible against the Packers. How can they look so good one week (last week against the Chargers) and do so terrible the next? Of course, the announcers commenced their Brett Favre worship way too early in the game. I am thinking, from now on, when the Vikings play the Packers, I should turn the sound off and just watch the play on the field. Only turn the sound on for when the referee is making announcements. That could work, right?

Yesterday, we went to the Los Angeles Toy District. It was fourteen blocks of mostly toy wholesalers. Pretty much a lot of it was cheap plastic stuff. One wonders how much lead paint can be contained in a fourteen block area. We did not buy any toys, but we got our daughter a new dance backpack (Hello Kitty - tag said it was licensed, I am thinking, at the price we got it, there is no way Sanrio gave their permission), a High School Musical t-shirt, and some pretty new hair clips. We also got a beach umbrella for $7.00. After we tired of the shopping, we took the Metro to Thai Town and had lunch, and browsed through the Thai markets. We almost got nailed, walking across Hollywood Blvd, when in the crosswalk. Almost all the cars stopped fine, except for one. SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH! Not a sound I want to hear when I am in the crosswalk. Oh well, no harm done.

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