Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Precocious Children are Scary

Last night, we were meeting my husband's extended family at a restaurant in Westminster for dinner. I was planning on taking the 5 to the 22, but once I got on the 5, it was clear that my judgment was flawed.

My daughter asked, "Why aren't we moving?"

I replied, "There is an accident up ahead on the freeway."

My daughter responded, "Well, Mama, why didn't we take the 405?"

A very good question in deed. I think my daughter is 6 going on 16 sometimes. It scares me that she has figured out that the 5 and the 405 by us go relatively in the same direction. Next time I am planning a trip, I will consult her about which freeway to take.

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KamaAina said...

Mom's friends used to "borrow" me for direction-giving purposes when I was about that age.

Of course, a Google search on "precocious child" would probably yield hits on me, so maybe that's not the best example...