Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Girl Place

A bunch of us moms went to American Girl Place at the Groves in Los Angeles this morning, while our children were toiling away at school. HO-LY Cow! I could live vicariously through my daughter to the tune of tens of thousands of dineros there. They have such incredibly cute things, and it is all so well merchandised. Too well merchandised.

K, my daughter, has an American Girl doll. We got one of the custom ones a couple of years ago at Christmas. She loves her doll. I do like the whole 'teach girls self-esteem and good character values' thing that go along with all of their stuff. It is refreshing to me, in a world full of Bratz dolls that there are still dolls that look like wholesome little girls. And there are story books that go with the main dolls they market.

I picked up an outfit for K's doll, a set of hair clips for K, and a birthday present for K's friend, whose party is next week. I dropped about 60 pictures of George Washington there. If I had it, I could have easily dropped 5 pictures of Ben Franklin. E-GAWDS!

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MrsGrumpy said...

I smiled, reading your label. My mother bought herself an American Girl doll a couple of years ago. It is like falling back into childhodd, walking into one of those stores.