Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Text Messaging

In our preparations for the upcoming gluttony holiday, my husband called his sister, who is cooking the Thanksgiving Feast, to find out if we could bring the pies. She never called him back, which is pretty typical. (I am rolling my eyes, here). So, I took the bull by the horns this morning and text messaged her, asking whether she wanted us to bring pie. She texted me right back, saying, "Yes, that would be great!" (Again, I am rolling my eyes, here).

She only actually talks on the phone to her friends and my father-in-law, otherwise, she only communicates via text message to the rest of us. Normally, I do not do the text message thing, because it is an extra charge, but if she refuses to talk to us, what other recourse do we have?

I hate it when people do not call back, after receiving a voicemail. Particularly family.

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