Friday, November 9, 2007

My Head is Officially Exploding

The other day I posted a burn photo, and I guess I should be glad I actually took them and got a few good ones. Apparently, the Irvine Company (the company that does all of the real estate development and property management here), in its infinite quest to make a buck, has gone to Portola Springs (one of the newest neighborhoods - that has many homes for sale), and painted the charred areas green. Yes, I understand the fire was a buzz kill, and probably hurt sales quite a bit, but, how about a little truth in advertising?

If you live near the foothills, or in a canyon, your house is likely to be in the line of fire, maybe not this year, or next year, but chances are, in any given 10-15 years, you are likely to have to abandon your house and hope that the firefighters can contain the fire before it consumes your house. Painting the area green does not take that risk away.

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