Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rain, Blessed Rain

It is drizzling a bit this morning. I have never been so happy to see rain in my entire life. And I am always happy to see rain here in California because it happens so very rarely.

This rain certainly will not be enough to eliminate our drought deficit. But I do know that even if no rain falls on the fire, the humidity will help the firefighters get control of it. The fire has now burned 38,000 acres, is in the Cleveland National Forest, and is heading to Corona. I know a few people in Corona, and am hoping they stay safe.

Last night we got Thai food, because I am so congested. The chiles and spices seemed to help break it all up a little. Our daughter seems to be weathering this bad air better than I am. Thank goodness for that.

Since there was no school yesterday, another mom and myself met up at one of the indoor malls (many malls are completely outdoors here - except for the actual stores). Our kids got to walk around, play in the play area at Pottery Barn, and jump around on the little floor projection area. They got to get some of that excess pent up energy out that they have not been able to channel for almost a week.

Today is a good day. Thank you Higher Power, for the rain.

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