Tuesday, October 9, 2007

In Box

I am seriously considering putting up an "In Box" or "Hot File Pocket" right next to my front door. At least 3 times a week people come through the neighborhood with flyers and business cards hawking services ranging from new windows (look at the house bub, we have brand new windows, fool), carpet cleaning, painting, maid services, to a service that comes out to CLEAN YOUR GARBAGE CANS(!). I guess that form of marketing must work because they kill an awful lot of trees doing it.

Personally, if I am in need of services, I would ask a neighbor if they have anyone they would suggest, rather than these people who litter up my front stoop with their nonsense. I know it is minor, but it is an annoyance of mine.

I figure if I put up the box and somehow get these people to start using it, I may not have to bend over to pick up the papers that invariably fall on the ground when I open my front door. As it is, I have a "recycle bin" next to my front door, where I put all those flyers, brochures, and business cards.

Please, people, advertise in the phone book like everyone else.

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