Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have the attention span of a gnat

I am a strange person sometimes. I spend my life bouncing from partially finished project to partially finished project. I have four sewing projects in varying stages (two skirts, a blouse, and the ongoing patches that need to be sewn to my daughter's Brownie uniform - yes I know they are iron on, but when I followed directions for ironing stuff on, my iron melted the garment, so now I sew them on), one knitting project, and of course the ongoing household and laundry that needs doing.

Case in point, I was on the computer, when *ding* my brain went off and remembered that I need to sew the "pumpkin patch" badge on LittleTallDrink's uniform. But first I had to remember where the patch was. Which led to cleaning out my car. Once I got my car cleaned out, I realized that the patch was probably in my backpack, so I cleaned out my backpack. I could not find it, so I searched through my purse. It was not in my purse.

Then I went into my sewing room and laid out pattern pieces for the two skirts I am making. Got those laid out and decided to dig, once more, into my backpack, and voila - there it was. Now I have to go find where LittleTallDrink put her Brownie vest, so I can get it all pinned on. Thus, here I am, back at the computer.

If I could manage to focus for more than 30 seconds on something, I could rule the world.

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Tirade said...

You and me bo... oooh! Shiny!