Sunday, October 7, 2007

Beautiful Sunday Morning

I know, I am up early this morning, but it could not be more beautiful today. The sun is out, the weather is mild (in the 60s right now) and there is a nice breeze. I know around my area there are red flag warnings due to the drought but right here, right now, it is almost perfect.

Daughter and I are going to a birthday party for one of her friends today. The party is being held at a movie theatre. I am thinking that they are showing "Ratatouille" (the movie theatre is one of those bargain theatres). I love movies.

I love the crisp air of fall. It is a rarity here in SoCal. Just like rainstorms are a rarity. I love to get outside and dance in the rain here. People here think I am crazy. I am not sure they are entirely wrong about that. Weather things I miss from Minnesota: thunderstorms and snow. Yes, I know, I can drive up into the mountains if I want to see snow in the winter, but it is just not the same as being able to build a snowman in my front yard.

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