Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Phantom got My Daughter

This morning, on our front door, was taped a note that said, "Boo, We Got You!" with a ghost picture on it. Along with the note was a treat bag filled with candy and other Halloween goodies (bat erasers and bat straws anyone?).

In the bag was another note, basically instructing us to fill up three treat bags, and take them to three of my daughter's friends' houses to keep the thing going.

Normally I hate this sort of thing, but, hey, there were treats involved, and it was so fun getting the treat bags together, and dropping them off. (We may have gotten caught at one house - eek). I do like the "anonymous giving" aspect of it. And my daughter had a blast. Especially knowing we may have gotten caught.

In a HUGE way, the whole thing made me feel good. I was happy that someone thought of my daughter in this way. That counts for a lot, especially since, sometimes I feel like we do not fit in here.

The air quality today is better. The sky is not that sickly orange tinged color it has been all week. (I thought the green skies before the tornado were sickly looking, they are, but the orangey sky seems to hang on longer term).

I hope the air quality improves enough to go trick or treating on Wednesday. I know the kid has been looking forward to it all month.

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Jeff T said...

Reading through your blog here, not really sure how I stumbled across it but several things jumped out unique to You and I. First, I received my 21 chip a month ago. We have some friends who live in Ramona and we are concerned about their well being until we received an email from them. Hang in there... its not the destination but the journey so enjoy every day that you can.