Friday, October 19, 2007


My daughter, who is afraid of all things creepy and crawly (insects, spiders, etc.), informed me today that at school, in her classroom, they have a tarantula, and the teacher told the kids that they could take it home with them for a few days if they have permission from their parents. She has decided that she wants to take the tarantula home. Okay, my head is exploding. And in addition to that, she told me that she would like to go get our own tarantula to have as a pet.

I said to her, "But you are the one that gets all freaked out when there is a daddy-long-legs in the bathroom, and won't go to the bathroom until Daddy or I get the spider out of the bathroom."

"But I LIKE the tarantula, Mama," she replied.

You can't make this stuff up. Seriously. Now, we have been thinking about getting kittens next spring. So I told her that I was not sure if tarantulas and cats could coexist. Her response?

"Mama, I want a tarantula."

Funny thing - I am not at all squeamish about having a tarantula in the house. In fact, the idea of it amuses me in a rather perverse way.


CaliforniaPeggy said...

You're not kidding--you cannot make this stuff up! I can just see your daughter loving the tarantula...

And maybe, just maybe, she'll end up less afraid of the other spiders!

Anonymous said...

You would expect kids to be predictable? Hahahaha!

That's kind of cool. It might get her over her fear of creapy crawlies.


Tirade said...

Aww, you gotta love the cute little fuzzy animals... :)