Monday, October 8, 2007

The Primaries are coming, The Primaries are coming.

Did I mention that I live in Orange County, California? Some days I think I am the only Democrat here. And I am having a difficult time making a decision as to who to support in the Presidential Primary in 120 days. Can I have parts of all the Democrats running?

I wanted to support Wesley Clark, but it is clear that he is not in the race. BAAAAAH. In the absence of Clark, I am leaning very strongly toward John Edwards. Most of what I am reading about him and hearing him say resonates with me. I am not ready to believe the nomination is going to be handed to Hillary Clinton.

Anyhow, the political message boards are starting to get very hot, because of the upcoming primaries. Amazing how politics gets peoples knickers in a twist.

Only thing I know for sure, I am so ready to be done with W.

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