Monday, December 24, 2007


My 16 year old son, S, who is finishing high school in Minnesota, arrived here yesterday. He will be here until the 27th. I am conflicted about some of this. I mean, I love and miss him so much when he is not here, but man, what is it with 16 year old boys?

Granted, I do not expect him to be "on" and social for 100% of his time here, but man, I like a little back and forth in my conversations. As far as I know, he is not confiding in any of the adults in his life, and I am included in that. Every conversation is like pulling teeth, me asking him about his life, and him giving not even the bare minimum of a response.

When do adolescents become actual human beings? I mean seriously, I practically ache for him when he is away, even though I know it was the right decision at that time. However, I hurt more, now that he is physically present, but obviously mentally and emotionally checked out. I know we have a few more days, and maybe he will actually talk to me before he leaves. At least that is what I hope will happen.

Now I know that I am painting teenagers with a broad brush here, and that I am sure there are some remarkable teenagers who DO communicate with the adults in their lives, and are not subject to the mood swings that terrorize many of them. My son is not one of those remarkable teenagers. My son is probably smack dab in the middle of the bell curve for average teen behavior. I just wish it did not suck so much. I am pretty sure it sucks for him too. I hated being a teenager, and there is not enough resources in the universe to make me go back and do even another single day as a teenager.

Being a mom sometimes hurts a lot.

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Laura said...

Yes it does... I hope the year ahead is wonderful for you.