Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flight Tracker

My son returned to Minnesota on Thursday. The cool thing is a friend of mine sent me a URL that does flight tracking, so I was able to check in and see the progress of his flight back.

You plug in the airline and the flight number and it has a map and the ETA of the flight to its destination. It was pretty awesome.

Yesterday, we drove to Dana Point, to pick up a brand new Karaoke machine for K. We got a $60 (retail price) machine for $30. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Craigslist? I was driving, and there was a bit of traffic congestion, and M (my husband) was completely losing it about the congestion. Granted the traffic was a little bit annoying to me, but more annoying was the every 30 second sound off my husband was making about it. Finally I told him that I was driving and I was not really that annoyed by it, and that I was more annoyed by him sounding off about it, so could he please stop. The drive went much better. He professes to love living here, but yet all he does is complain about traffic incessantly. Whatever.

I mean, really, this is southern California, the home of the 24 hour a day traffic report. There is ALWAYS bad traffic here. The sooner one accepts that fact, the easier it is to be able to move on and get to actually living life.

January 1st, 2008 will be a banner day here in California. This is when the "handsfree" law goes into effect. I can hardly wait. I swear to gods, the moment everyone buckles into the driver seat of their car, they open their cell phone and start calling people. Seriously. So here are all these idjits trying to maneuver their cars in tight parking lots, with one hand, whilst the other hand is busy texting, or otherwise operating their damned phones. I guess we are all going to end up looking like the Borg, with all the bluetooth headsets we will be wearing. What a fashion statement (rolling my eyes, here).

Looks like we are going to get hit with more winds, starting tonight through Wednesday. Which means that I will not be sleeping very well. Oh how I would love to not be terrified by the winds. PTSD is a splendor to be lived with (heavy dose of sarcasm here). Nothing like 72 hours of panic attacks to make a person feel ALIVE.

In other news, if the Redskins lose, and the Vikings win, the Vikings will go to the playoffs. Nothing like backing in. I hope the Redskins lose. I also hope the Saints win, so that if the Vikings lose, the Saints will get the Wildcard.

K, M, and I went to see Bee Movie yesterday at the $1.75 theatre. Cute movie. It was pretty much the whole Jerry Seinfeld schtick, but I enjoyed it. We will probably see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium on Tuesday, when movies at that theatre are $1.00.

Anyway, enough writing for today, unless something earth shattering happens.

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