Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Bulk Food Section

Since we moved here, I have been missing the bulk food section that is in many of the local supermarkets in Minnesota. Both Rainbow Foods and Cub Foods had items that could be bought in bulk, such as trail mixes, nuts, candies, etc. The only store, until today, that I had found that had such a thing here was Whole Foods (or more commonly known as Whole Paycheck). While I liked the selection of bulk items at Whole Paycheck, I hated the prices.

Today, after someone clued me in, I found Henry's Farmers Market. I went to the one in Costa Mesa. and I have found bulk food Nirvana. They have everything I could possibly want in that section and certainly dozens of items that I would NOT use. It is awesomeness. Bulk yellow popcorn can be had for $0.39 a pound. Corn flakes for $2.49 a pound, dried beans of all sorts and colors, rice, candies, granola, you name it. And at very very reasonable prices. And their produce is EXCELLENT and is budget priced as well. Why did I not know about this place until today?

Today, they had packages of 4 CFL lightbulbs for $1.99/pkg. I bought 3 packages. I am in the process of converting our incandescents over to CFLs, and 4 bulbs for 2 bucks is an AMAAAAAZING price. Even if they do not last seven years.

Since I was nearby, I also stopped at IKEA and found the PERFECT solution to the damn flyer problem (all the flyers and business cards on our front stoop). They had a chalkboard with a hot pocket that one can hang on the wall for $15. So I bought it and after I put it together, I hung it outside. We shall see if it works. If nothing else, folks can stop by and leave a note on the chalkboard if we are not home.

All in all a good day, even though I almost got killed on the 405 today. Why do people not look when they want to change lanes?

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KamaAina said...

That's odd. I first discovered the concept of bulk food in Cali, at the Safeway at Church and Market in SF. Maybe it's just a SoCal thing...