Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Belated Hanukkah

My daughter informed me yesterday afternoon that she wants a dreidel and a menorah. This spurred a discussion about the fact that we are not Jewish, etc.

"But Mama, K (a boy from her class) is bringing his dreidel to school tomorrow. He is going to show us the dreidel game. I hope I get a chance to play."

Where would I get a dreidel and a menorah anyway? It is not like we are not already multi-cultural in this household. I have no problem teaching my daughter to honor the traditions of others, even if we do not follow those traditions.

I was talking to one of the other moms this morning when I dropped K (my daughter) off at school. I told her about K's desire. We chuckled about how I could convert to Judaism and become a Hanukkah and Passover Jew (an analog to the Christmas and Easter Catholic). I guess I prefer to find spirituality in my daily life, not at a temple or a church.

I did find quite ironic the story about the grocery store in New York City that had signs up next to their hams that said "Delicious for Chanukah". There is a complete and total disconnect there, and the fact that it was a grocer in NYC is more irony than I can handle in one sitting.

My preparations for the holiday are almost completed. I still have some tidying up to do before I bake cookies, but my shopping is almost done. I will be wrapping gifts tomorrow.

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