Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Men

Why do some men think that because they are men, it is OK to get all up in a woman's face and try to intimidate her? And that when a woman does her best to protect herself and her children from the intimidation, that same woman is referred to as a Bitch.

A man got mad at me because I parked in a parking space that he thought he was entitled to. He got out of his car and started screaming at me about how it was his spot. (I did not see his name on it, nor did I see a reserved sign as it was at the damned grocery store). My daughter and I started to walk into the store, but he stayed right next to my car in a threatening manner. Like he was going to do something to my car, or maybe even to me.

I went back and yelled at him to get away from my car, so he came very close and got all up in my face. The store manager came out and allowed me to get into the store and get done before the asshole went into the store. I am still shaking. K is very upset and scared. But I am a Bitch for protecting myself and my daughter.


Osh said...

I would be shaking and a nervous wreck!

zrusilla said...

Well done. And yes, it's getting scarier out there. The patriarchy is emboldened and out for blood.