Thursday, January 8, 2009

Social Networking

I have a MySpace page and a Facebook page. Quite frankly, the MySpace is way too cluttered and clunky that I never go there unless I get an email notifying me that someone has commented to me from there. I do like that you can customize MySpace more than you can Facebook. But I have rather liked the simplicity of Facebook. Now one of my Facebook friends has convinced me to Twitter. Cute concept. Not sure if I like it, and things are not very intuitive on Twitter, but heck, I will try it.

What I find rather ironic, is that the time it would take to actually get together with people face to face like, seems to be eaten up by all the stuff one does on the social networking pages. The cool thing is, I can keep up with my friends in Minnesota via Facebook.

1 comment:

Lea Plonty said...

I love it that you are on FaceBook, it's so hard to keep in contact. The weird thing is that it gives you a false sense of closeness. :) Miss you!