Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am having both the spasms and the pain tonight. I had the Brownie meeting this evening, so I had to go without the meds, because I have to be able to be clear, present and to be able to drive home. Now that I am home, I decided to skip the Baclofen and take the Soma, along with the Vicodin. I really hate this. I would love to be able to go a couple of weeks without my back screaming at me. I really would.

I am grateful that I had four days last week without pain. It was truly luxurious.

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Jeff said...

It's a good thing that you stopped the Baclofen so early.The withdrawal effects a not pleasant,to say the least.I don't think that I could handle the Baclofen's side-effects.I'm taking low doses of Flexeril and it's knocking me out.

I know someone who said that epidural shots were relieving this person's pain for several months.I didn't ask for more details like how many injections were needed or what was being injected to be almost pain free for so long but if the treatment you had helped you getting a break for a couple of days then maybe you should ask more questions about this to your specialist.

Please take care.