Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baclofen Day 2

Tonight is the second night with the Baclofen. So far I am a wee bit less than amused. While it is doing what it is supposed to with regard to the back spasms, it has made me rather listless and flat. I will have to scour the side effects to see if flat affect is listed. The house could be burning down and the Baclofen makes me feel like I just don't care. NOT. GOOD.

I will give it probably two more days, before I go back to taking the Soma. At least on the Soma, I am not flat. I am not used to having no emotions at all. I might as well be a freaking robot the way this drug is affecting me. Yuck. I mean really, I cannot even generate very much outrage over how British Petroleum wants to stick the US taxpayers with the bill for cleaning up their mess in the Gulf of Mexico. Normally I would be livid about stuff like that, and right now all I can muster is a "Meh." This is so not like me at all.


Jeff said...

Several years ago I tried a medication that was numbing my emotions but this is pretty scary.I hope that this nasty side effect will fade away(plus any other one(s) listed as possible side effects that I found with Google)
Please take care.

Jamastiene said...

My aunt takes that. I have tried it before. It makes all your muscles atrophy if you have to take it for a long period of time. It literally makes your muscles like limp noodles.