Wednesday, April 1, 2009


One of the most frustrating aspect of living here in southern California is the signage here. Seriously. There are billboards on top of billboards lining all of the freeways here. Quite frankly the billboards are an eyesore. We are constantly inundated with superfluous information on needless signs everywhere.

The thing that frustrates me the most, however, is the lack of signage for important stuff like freeway entrances. Most of the main thoroughfare type roads here are 3 lanes going each way, and people are very resistant to letting others change lanes. It chaps my hide to no end to discover that a freeway entrance is going off to the left when I am in the right lane, and the only sign telling me that is 200 feet before the entrance. There are numerous instances of this type of thing, especially in Orange County.

And then there are signs that are just plain stupid. Like the two signs I encountered today on the 405. Well actually one of the signs was on the entrance ramp to the 405 south from Bristol Street. It was one of those diamond shaped caution signs, which read, "Landscape Ahead". Really, Landscape Ahead? I thought I was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The second sign read, "Landscape Ends". This sign was located about 1/4 mile before the Jamboree Rd. exit. I guess if the landscape ended, I must have been driving a hovercraft.

Please, southern California, I am begging you, post fewer unnecessary signs, and post more signs that give useful information, and post them in more appropriate locations.


KamaAina said...

Come out here! Billboards have been banned since before there were freeways (yes, we have "Interstate" highways!), thanks to the Outdoor Circle, one of the originators of NIMBY.

Anonymous said...
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