Friday, April 10, 2009

High Speed Car Chases

Woke up this morning to the "breaking news" of a high speed car chase in Orange County. The chase today was a particularly crazy one, a woman in a Scion box (whatever the heck the model is that looks like a box on wheels) was chased from Long Beach to Rancho Santa Margarita. This chase spanned several freeways and lasted over an hour and included her stopping dead in the toll lanes of the 91 freeway, her doing donuts in the median of the 241 toll freeway, her slowing the car down to a slow crawl and getting out while the car was still moving, her gesturing to the police out of her windows, her turning her car around and driving the wrong way on the 241 toll road, and her car finally being "pitted" and swarmed by several CHP cars.

Car chases are considered high entertainment here. What I fail to get is what makes people think they are going to outrun the police, especially in a Scion box? Even if she could have outran the police, they likely got her license plate numbers and could certainly radio ahead to more remote law enforcement units and eventually she would get caught. Is it the 15 minutes of fame? Seems kind of silly since neither her name nor her photo were included in the news coverage of the chase.

And isn't it against all the laws of physics for a Scion box to go over 100 mph?


zrusilla said...

Sometimes you just gotta cut loose and live a little, I guess.

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