Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My daughter came home from school today with a new necklace. Her friend at school gave it to her. It is half of a "Best Friends" heart. K and her friend are not in the same class this year, and for the last month of last year, her friend was out of the country. I am so glad that K's friend came back and is in the same school as K. I was really touched by the gift to K.

It is looking more and more like I am going to have to have a hysterectomy. My internal female organs are waging a war against me, and the situation is becoming untenable. As of two years ago, I did not have cancer, I do not have fibroids, I just hemorrhage for weeks at a time (sorry to be so damned graphic). I am having difficulty keeping a handle on my depression.

Yesterday, I missed my Tuesday morning breakfast with my friends because of other pressing business. They thought that I may have been upset that I showed up last week and no one else was there. I wasn't. It gave me an opportunity to have some good face to face time with K before school started. Anyhow, apparently in my absence, my friends have planned for my surgery. They are planning on bringing breakfast, cooking dinners and taking K to school when I cannot drive. I am so deeply touched by this. Seriously. When I was talking to S (my friend) today, she told me that they were going to totally impose on my life. We chuckled, because she knows that I have big difficulty asking for help.

I also ran into one of my other friends whose daughter was on both K's softball and swim teams this summer. She told me that I had better call her if I need anything at all.

I got a subpoena in the mail today. It totally freaked me out. Apparently the theft ring that stole my purse are starting to have their days in court. I am feeling rather apprehensive about this, part of me is like "Yeah, man, burn baby burn!" while another part of me feels exceedingly vulnerable. Plus the wording of the subpoena "commanding" to appear in court is, to say the least, offputting.

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