Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Looky Lou-ing

I saw snow today, real snow. Not up close or anything but there is a lot of it up on the mountains just beyond our foothills. I am certain the folks driving north on the 5 today were absolutely thrilled with my gawking at the snow. Some people do the Looky Lou thing at car accidents, others at the Highway Patrol pullover. Me, I Looky Lou at snow, because I ache for it.

Someone needs to send a memo to folks driving in southern California about "slower traffic keep right". Invariably I end up in the left lane behind the complete buffoon that wants to go 40 when the rest of the traffic around him is going 65. This is to ALL of you out there who do that, if you want to go 40 on the freeway, please, oh, please, have mercy on the rest of us and do it in the far right lane, where you are supposed to. There is nothing like the bottleneck that one person going 15-20 mph slower than the rest of the traffic can cause.

1 comment:

KamaAina said...

You ache for snow?! Words fail me.

You just might be even farther off center than I had previously imagined.