Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy to Be a Flatlander

We live in a "bowl" between the bluffs near the shore and the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains. Today, I am very grateful that we live in this bowl. They are predicting that we will be getting 3-5 inches + rain over the next few days, and that those areas that were burnt in the fires are now in danger of serious mudslides. We are not in the canyon, we are not in the canyon, we are not in the canyon.

I have not heard whether folks will be evacuated from there, if it were me, I would high tail it the heck out of there and wait till the storms pass. Really scary. But we are lucky, we do have a few places we can go. Not everyone is that fortunate.

Today is Caucus day in Iowa. I am following it with some interest. Some of the candidates, particularly on the GOP side of things, really scare the bejesus out of me. Huckelberry Hound, er Huckabee, Ghouliani er 911 911 911 er Giuliani, and Willard Git, er Mitt Romney, most notably. On the Democratic Party's side, I will vote for whomever is nominated, but I would prefer that our candidate be John Edwards. The things I have heard him talk about are resonating strongly with me.

Our Primary is February 5. And we have not only a presidential candidate to choose, but we also get to choose the ballot propositions. Ballot propositions are a way that the California Assembly can weasle out of having to make the tough decisions and votes that they were elected to make. I would love to put up a proposition that forces the assembly to actually vote on stuff, and not just vote to make it a ballot proposition. Never did anyone do less with more than the California Assembly.

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