Monday, July 7, 2008


Check out what I came face to face with this morning.

OK, so it was not this very Spider (because at 6:30 in the morning I am almost always without my camera). But there was a Black Widow Spider on the wheel of my trash can, in my garage.

I am still freaked about this. I gingerly rolled the trash can out to the street (it is trash day here in north MasterPlanistan). I was bare footed, so stepping on the beastly thing was not an option. I was ready to just completely firebomb the garage after seeing the precious specimen.

I only hope she was as terrified of me as I am of her. I usually like spiders, but venomous spiders that can KILL me and my family, I am not a huge fan of. Something to be said for self preservation and all that.

I am now afraid to go into my garage.

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